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Loan Financial is a credit institution and investment services provider founded in October 2006 with a European banking license. Our mission is to provide European households with transparent and competitive consumer loans, financed directly by professional investors *. Our 100% digital platform features cutting-edge technologies allowing us to offer competitive interest rates to borrowers and attractive returns to investors.

        Founded in 2006

3.0 billion euros in loans granted since the launch (as of August 2020)

Selected among the Next40 companies

Present in 5 European countries, more than 350 employees

Strict risk management

Loan Financial has proprietary scoring models to select borrowers with an optimal risk profile. We fund an average of 2 credits out of 100 requests.

A “risk pricing” method makes it possible to estimate the cost of risk for each loan, and thus determine the interest rate to apply, making it possible to deliver the target performance

Our risk team ensures that the risk indicators are at the expected level, allowing us to deliver the target performance.

Why invest in Loan Financial?

The FCT Financial France and FCT Financial Italy funds invest in depreciable household loans at fixed rates and constant monthly payments. The initial loan maturities are between 6 and 84 months, granted via the platform. Our portfolio of investments aims to provide stable and competitive returns with low volatility.

The FCT Financial Italy fund is reserved for legal persons.

Invest to grow your money
If you want to avoid losing money and even be able to grow your money, you need to look to more profitable investments.

Of course, some of these financial investments have a higher or lower risk rate.

This is why we have prepared financial strategies for you to limit risks and make your money grow safely.

On LOAN FINANCIAL, we want to help you make better financial choices to realize your projects, avoid losing money unnecessarily and even make your money grow thanks to high-yield investments at an interest rate of 15% of the amount. invested or place, which you earn at the end of the month.

High-yield financial investments
Why save and invest
You probably have big plans that you want to accomplish.

Whether it’s buying a beach house, your dream car, or backpacking the world, all of these projects require money.

Not just a few hundred euros, but a few thousand euros.

You can actually use credit to help finance such projects. However, borrowing costs money.

Save to make your projects a reality.

It is therefore more interesting to build up savings (money investment where to invest) to finance your projects than to resort to credit. So you won’t waste money unnecessarily.

However, be aware that in the case of a major purchase, such as a house, it is more interesting to resort to a mortgage than to put all your savings into it.

And this investment even if you have to pay interest. A personal contribution (amount saved) is still (almost) essential to have access to credit.

Beyond building up savings to make your projects a reality, investing your money properly is essential if you do not want to lose money over the years.

Most Europeans invest their money in our LOAN FINANCIAL institution. Investing to make your money grow is a better solution to avoid losing money and even be able to make your money grow, you should turn to more profitable investments and subscribe with our LOAN FINANCIAL institution.

This is why we have prepared financial investment solutions for you in order to limit risks and make your money grow safely.

On LOAN FINANCIAL, we want to help you make better financial choices to make your projects a reality, avoid wasting money unnecessarily and even make your money grow through high-yield investments.

How can you regularly save your interest earned with our LOAN FINANCIAL institution?

As we have seen previously, building up savings is an essential preliminary step in the realization of your projects.

All you need to do is save regularly. But saving is not easy for everyone.

If this is your case, don’t worry, we’re here to help because we know how much saving each month at the end of the month is difficult for most of you.

There are simple solutions to fix it. You just have to know them and apply them.

If you want to prepare well for your retirement to take advantage of these beautiful years of rest, we advise you to contact us via the contact form of our platform:, in order to benefit from our advice to save in all the areas: food, energy, transport, leisure, shopping, subscriptions, etc.

Investing your money with our loan Financial institution is the easiest and most secure way to put your money aside.

It also allows you to benefit from significant compensation at the end of the year depending on the interest rate and the amount saved.

Their main advantage is that you can put your savings aside without risk.

Your savings accounts with our loan Financial institution also allow you to have access to your money at any time in case of the unexpected or if you need it to finance your projects.

High Yield Financial Investments If you want to grow your money, you should invest instead of letting your money sleep in your personal low interest account or worse, in a checking account.

Investing your money intelligently in high-yield investments will allow you to earn attractive sums in the medium term or even very large in the long term.

Be aware, however, that the risk rate of financial investments is higher than that of simply depositing money in an investment or savings account.
Of course, to invest you must first have built up savings in order to have enough to invest.

Diversification investment

Loan Fianancial gives you access to a new asset class allowing you to diversify your portfolio

An attractive return

Target returns net of management fees and defaults of between + 2.5% and + 3.5% per year (historical performance)

Low volatility

Financial funds generate low volatility returns with low correlation to financial markets

How to invest?

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2- Send your complete file

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3- Deposit the money you want to invest

You can invest a minimum of 1000 € on the platform

4- Distribute your investment

Spread your investment over our funds

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