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Why do a consumer credit at Loan Financial?

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Loan Financial is an approved platform since 2011 that complies with security standards and protects your personal data.

Consumer credit, what’s that? 

Consumer credit is a loan that relates to transactions other than those relating to real estate. It responds more particularly to a cash flow need of a borrower wishing to finance the purchase of consumer goods.

It is therefore not necessarily an affected credit, i.e. a credit that is triggered by the purchase of a product and the presentation of its invoice (as in the case of car credit).
A consumer loan is granted by a specialised credit institution or a bank insofar as the borrower is able to repay it.

Thus, all borrowers must know their borrowing capacity before applying for consumer credit and find out about the borrowing rates offered by the consumer credit market.

What are the different types of consumer credit?

In addition to the aforementioned earmarked credit, which obliges the borrower to justify the use of his loan, there are many other forms of consumer credit.

The most common are personal loans and revolving credit, also known as revolving credit, reconstitutable credit or permanent credit.

In both cases, the borrower is free to use the amount of his or her loan as he or she sees fit, depending on his or her project (renewal of furniture or household appliances, purchase of a new car, financing of home improvement or renovation work, etc.).

Note: the significant difference between revolving credit and personal credit
Revolving credit differs from personal credit by its flexibility, but also by the fact that it is not or only slightly amortizable. In concrete terms, the borrower has a certain amount of money at his disposal, which he can use in whole or in part. The available credit is then replenished as repayments are made. Interest is only due on the amount actually borrowed: this credit can be an incentive to over-consumption and at Loan Financial we recommend opting for a quick mini credit.
Regardless of the type of consumer credit, lending organisations (banks or credit institutions) are obliged to inform any potential borrower before drawing up a credit agreement.

Mandatory information to be provided by the lender


The borrower must have all the information he needs to know whether the credit is suited to his financial situation and his needs. Thus, the contract offers proposed must mention in particular :

– The total amount due.
– The interest rate.
– Monthly payments.
– The conditions of availability of the borrowed sum.
– The cost of any borrower’s insurance.
– The duration of the contract.
– The period of validity of the offer.
– The minimum period of reflection.
– The withdrawal period (14 calendar days).

Conso loan: how much can you borrow and for how long?

The amount of consumer credit offered by Finanz Group is set between 1000 and 50,000 euros.
The repayment period depends on the borrower’s capacities, but also on the amount of the loan itself. At Finanz Group, you can borrow between 6 months and 84 months.

Consumer credit at Loan Financial, a fast and 100% online loan offer

If you are looking for a consumer loan to finance the purchase of a car, television or other consumer goods, Loan Financial is here to offer you a different kind of consumer loan.

To take out a consumer loan, don’t get used to visiting a branch or consulting the major banking institutions, think about the Loan Financial alternative.

Finanz Group is a consumer credit platform that offers you another consumer loan experience where everything is done to offer you a simpler, faster, competitively priced and above all 100% online consumer credit!

Who is Loan Financial, this new consumer credit player?

Loan Financial is part of the family of French “FinTech”, those startups that are revolutionizing finance thanks to new technologies. The credit platform has a banking license issued by the ACPR (Autorité de Contrôle Prudentiel et de Résolution) and the AMF (Autorité des Marchés Financiers) since 2011, the date on which Loan Financial grants credits in France. This authorisation allows it to operate in other European countries.

In France, the platform is a new flagship player in consumer credit: in December 2018, more than 900 million euros of consumer loans were financed!

Is Loan Financial a real consumer loan bank?

Finanz Group is a consumer credit institution but does not operate as a bank; the platform positions itself as an intermediary between professional borrowers and investors. In other words, the consumer credits granted by Loan Financial are financed by various and varied investors (companies, institutions, associations or individuals).
In this way, your consumer credit comes from a virtuous model where your money comes from an investment by our community!

Quelles sont les avantages d’un crédit à la consommation chez Loan Financial ?

Loan Financial wants to shake up the consumer credit codes for borrowers by putting new technologies at the heart of its activity. Thus Loan Financial offers a loan which is declined in several parts:

Simplicity: your application for a consumer loan can be made online in just 4 minutes! Moreover, we do not ask for any original supporting documents, invoices or quotes for work, car purchases or other equipment.
Online: all your application is done online, signing and downloading your personal documents allows you to apply remotely with ease.
Speed: Loan Financial answers you once your financing request is completed in less than 24 hours!
Security: Loan Financial is equipped with a robust system to protect your personal data, your financing application can be done online in complete security.
Peace of mind: to enable you to benefit from the best financing conditions, Loan Financial adjusts the amount of your loan and its repayment period as closely as possible, taking into account your personal situation.

Don’t hesitate to make your first consumer credit simulation at Loan Financial, the new generation consumer credit platform. In just a few clicks, you will finally be able to objectify the project that is close to your heart!

Three key points to remember about consumer credit

– Each type of consumer credit meets specific needs.
– The amount of our consumer credit is between 1,000 and 50,000 euros.
– It is essential, upstream, to accurately assess its borrowing capacity.