Agricultural credit

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Lines of Credit

Pre-approved, revolving financing, available when you need quick access to funds.


Convenient loan options to buy inputs when you need them most.


Financing options tailored to the needs of fattening and breeding livestock producers.


Loan or lease options to purchase the equipment you need.

Terres et bâtiments

Des taux et des modalités de prêt souples afin de vous aider à concrétiser votre vision.

Environmental solutions

Funding for projects that help you keep your farm going for the future.

Young farmers

Under 40? We can help you take the next step in starting or developing your operation.

Women entrepreneurs

Funding and resources to help women in the agriculture and agri-food sector invest in their future.

Farm transfers

Financing options, tools and resources to ensure the successful transfer of your operation.

Start your business

We take the time to listen to you and learn as much as possible about your business to help you develop a financial package tailored to your needs.

Develop your business

Whether it is to reduce your operating costs, diversify or grow your business, we will become your partner to develop your business.

Manage your business

To realize the full potential of your business, you need more than just funding. Get strategic advice from experts who know the entire value chain for your industry.

We provide financing and other services to support the agri-food industry. We partner with businesses and entrepreneurs from start-up to maturity to help them realize their full potential. If you’re looking to grow your business, let’s talk to us and we’ll help you find new opportunities through our networks and financing expertise.
Types of financing available

As the only financial institution in the country fully dedicated to the needs and opportunities of the industry, FCC plays a vital role in providing customers with specialized products and services to help them grow their business and take advantage of new opportunities, while leveraging innovation to ensure the efficiency and sustainability of their operations.

   Real Estate

   Equipment and inventory

   Construction and expansion

   Starting a business


   Asset-based financing and cash flow requirements

   Mergers and Acquisitions

   Syndicated financing

   Venture Capital

Get financing that’s right for your business.

Let’s talk to see if our financing options might be right for you. Contact our Corporate and Commercial Finance team to see how we can help you.