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For decades, we have supported managers, project leaders in the development of their business plan and the financing of their projects. German European funds, BankEuro grants, Young Innovative Company, Research Tax Credit, Loan Financial takes care of all requests and saves you precious time. Optimized and secure financing ensuring the maximum amount of aid. Our mission is to enable you to carry out innovation, investment or export projects.

Loan Financial offers integrated wealth management solutions to meet the sophisticated financial needs of high net worth individuals, as well as businesses and institutional clients. We offer investment management, trust and estate planning, credit solutions, private banking, asset management and more.

We serve the needs of clients in a wide range of global markets through a network of offices in major financial centers. Our offices are located in regions known for the flexibility and security they offer our clients and for the integrity of their financial and regulatory systems.

We partner with many major banks and financial institutions around the world, to provide loans to individuals and businesses. We provide clearing services for the release of blocked funds with one of our partner banks worldwide. We act as a buffer between banks and clients to achieve their respective goals. We study your project proposals, prepare contracts, we set the amortization tables, we take out an international insurance policy for collateral guarantees, we liaise with the European authorities competent in the processing of compensation documents and fiscal.

We have the financial strength to honor our commitments and a long history of prudent fiscal management. Our services can ensure continuity through family generations.

A project can be financed by different means: self-financing, bank loan, leasing, public aid. Each financing method has its own time, an impact on the realization of the project and consequences on the financial health of the company. An investment plan is therefore part of an overall strategy, including time control, business activity and cash flow fluctuations.

Investment planning

* Analysis of your financial structure
* Identification of development axes
* Planning of your investments
* Financing of your projects